Alien Abduction

Alien Grey

It’s a taboo topic – one that gets attention in the form of raised eyebrows, dismissive laughs, and looks of deep skepticism. It’s a strange and unbelievable tale that draws accusations of the talebearer being either completely nuts, or a bald-faced liar.

And yet… it has happened to so many people. Many more than you would even imagine.

Some are afraid to talk about it to others; many are afraid to acknowledge it even to themselves. Still, the truth remains:

They were abducted by aliens.

(Perhaps they are even continuing to be abducted or contacted by aliens.)

But why? What could the aliens want from them? And why would they choose any particular person to abduct?

This website is designed to help you find answers to those questions, and — perhaps more importantly – know how to prevent it from happening again.

And make no mistake: you CAN prevent alien abduction or contact from happening again.

14 thoughts on “Alien Abduction

  1. Hi I’m a teenage girl and I think I might be an abductee. I have no one I can tell and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.


  2. I have never been abducted by anything, to the best of my knowledge, but am fascinated by these stories. I have read various non-fiction books and have seen several films on the subject. I feel bad for people who don’t want this experience but it happens against their will anyway. Whether these beings or creatures are from outer space, another dimension, Hell, or evolved humans from a distant future I do not know. But the fact is they don’t get permission to do what they do. They come and go as they please on a whim. What a bunch of universal assholes. But I digress. I look forward to more stories…maybe together we can solve this strange mystery. Thanks for reading.


    1. Wade, thank you for commenting. If you read my website, you will understand a little more of who they are and where they come from.
      And I will have to disagree with you on one point: they do have to get permission, in a sense, to abduct people. Only by being a true follower of God and His Commandments (love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself) can one be fully protected from alien abduction and the dark works of the evil one.


  3. Which brings up a good point. I’ve heard theories that some people believe these so-called “aliens” could be demonic in nature. I have no proof either way. What bothers and confuses me is if these creatures are demons why would they need technology? I wish I had the answers. I have experienced some strange events in life I would call paranormal that couldn’t be explained. Once back in October of 2004, around two in the morning, my car was trailed or followed by an unknown craft that looked like three lights in a triangle pattern. Each light was maybe 12-feet apart with the top point pointing up. The center of this craft was a dark void. This thing was levitating up and down slightly maybe 15-feet off of the road and three or four car lengths behind me. I was driving at a speed of 55 MPH as this thing was keeping pace with my car. Mind you I was freaking out wondering what the hell this thing was trailing me. Within minutes I was doing like 85 MPH and it was keeping up just far enough behind me. It was like it was toying with me, seeing what I would do. By the time I reached the highway that intersects with this road, the mysterious craft lifted up and disappeared into the night. To this day, I wonder what it might have been. This happened in Oklahoma between Pioneer High School, a rural school I went to, and the town of Waukomis. There is more to this story. I will tell more next time. Thanks for reading.


    1. Hi Wade! Thanks for commenting.

      Aliens use technology (including UFOs, light vessels, etc) because the ability to fly was taken away from their fallen angel parents as a consequence for them sinning against God.
      Therefore, fallen angels and their cloned (and yes, demonic) alien children use these vessels to travel about the solar system.
      Another consequence of their sinning was the loss of their ability to travel freely about the Universe: they are “chained” to this solar system (which, obviously, has only one planet inhabited by human life.)
      Again, I urge you to read through this entire website to learn more — there are several pages of information. For more in depth and technical information, I have a site linked on another page (

      God bless!


  4. Hello again…and thank you for reading my account. I did check out website and it seems helpful and insightful. As far as the creepy event that happened to me back in 2004, there is one thing about the craft that I forgot about. What I saw but maybe 4 minutes before the triangle-light craft showed up was a flat-disk with multicolored lights about the size of a large trampoline hovering three feet above the ground in a nearby wheat field. I don’t know if this was the same object that followed me or if it had changed shape. What I can say is I did not experience any missing time or recall being abducted that fateful night. I have not had any recurring nightmares about the incident…thank God. To this day I do not know if what I saw was alien or not. Until next time…make mine Marvel! ‘Nuff said.


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