Aliens’ Goals

Aliens are cloned from fallen angels and do not have a soul. In fact, angels themselves, fallen or holy, do not have souls. They have bodies and spirits, but not souls. Souls are a unique gift from God given only to His children, humankind, who are created with a body, soul and spirit in the Triune image of God. A human’s soul records everything that has ever happened to the person from conception to death (and afterwards,) and it is the only vehicle by which a human can live eternally. Angels were created to live eternally already (with their body and spirit.) Fallen angels lost the ability to live eternally when they chose to follow after sin and darkness…and their cloned alien children never had it.

So the aliens’ goal (or agenda) in abducting humans is to investigate and experiment upon them in hopes of discovering a means of creating a soul, so that they and their fallen angel parents will have a means to live eternally. They know that human bodies house souls, so they use humans in their experiment to learn how to create one for themselves; this is why you often hear that when people are abducted, the aliens focus on their reproductive organs. They figure that those organs hold to key to creating a soul (since they can create another human being who has a soul.)

They will never be successful in their endeavor to create a soul; only God can create a soul. Still, the fallen angels have not believed God since they chose to start believing Satan instead, and they don’t believe God now; they don’t believe that they are not going to be able to create a soul for themselves. They know that they are scheduled for destruction in the Judgment, when all accounts on Heaven and Earth and below the Earth are settled, and they are desperately and fervently trying to avoid that moment.

If you have been abducted or in any way contacted by the aliens, you are just being used as a ticket for them to try to get out of hell. Your body is their guinea pig in their eyes; they may have done or will do any number of harmful, painful things to you in order to find what they are looking for, and they do not care at all about you or your angst. In fact, as we will learn shortly, they find your human emotions revolting and ridiculous…and they even think you smell bad.

The aliens hate humanity, and therefore. . . they hate you.