Fact Sheet on Alien Tactics

1) Aliens often work inter-generationally in families. So if your mom or dad had experiences with them, it makes your chances of being contacted much greater.  This has very much to do with lack of spiritual protection in families who have oftentimes been involved in some way with occult practices, or there has been a history of severe child and/or sexual abuse.
***ALSO, if a person or family claims to be Christian, but does not in any way seek to keep the commandments of God (as in the 10 Commandments, written by the very Finger of God,) they could easily be a target of the aliens for abduction.
The aliens love to abduct false Christians…especially false Christian leaders who have a platform or pulpit through which they can influence others…and fill them full of lies and corruption of Scripture truths, which the “Christian” leaders can then pass down to others who are seeking to learn from them.
2) Aliens are all clones of fallen angels, but they have developed methods of gene-splicing and genetic alterations to make themselves appear as various species of aliens. This is done to confuse mankind and make us believe they are from other galaxies and solar systems (which they are not.) They also often play good-cop-bad-cop games to make it appear as if some are benevolent and have good intentions toward humanity. NONE HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS TOWARD HUMANITY. It is just a deceptive and sneaky game they play to gain man’s trust.
3) Aliens often make people feel “special” by indicating that they chose their victim for a special purpose. This is a similar tactic that sexual predators use to groom their victims; they tell their victims they are “special” or “chosen” and, in a way, it feels good to be special. We all want to feel special.
In reality, just like sexual predators, aliens are just using their victims for their own evil ends. In the aliens’ case, it is to acquire information and perform experimentation on humans.
4)  Unfortunately, aliens have contacted/abducted people in Hollywood in the movie-making industry as well, so it is not uncommon to see various alien-related triggers in contemporary movies and TV shows. It is part of the alien agenda of saturating public consciousness with alien-related themes in order to pave the way to man’s overwhelming future acceptance of alien involvement in man’s affairs.

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