Aliens’ Background

Aliens are not from other planets; they are actually the cloned children of fallen angels.

Fallen angels are angels who fell from God’s good graces when they chose to back and support Satan, the archangel who tempted man in order to facilitate man’s demise and destruction in the clutches of sin.

The aliens were physically created by the fallen angels in their wayward image. Fallen angels (that were once holy angels) were not created by GOD with the physiological makeup to procreate to birth children of their own like mankind can. They can only reproduce children in their fallen image through a wayward science known as cloning.

The Bible describes the fallen angels as having “left their first estate;” their first estate was their primary job to protect and guide humanity (God’s precious children.) When they chose to align themselves with the angel who was responsible for tempting man to sin and therefore face eventual death, they left their primary responsibility and did exactly the opposite. This choice led to God’s restricting the fallen angels abilities and “chaining them in everlasting darkness.” These are not physical chains, but rather spiritual chains that prevent the fallen angels from moving about the universe freely, keeping them “chained” to the planet where they initially fell.

The fallen angels, having physical bodies (as all angels do,) found a way to clone their DNA, gene splicing it with the DNA of reptile to create their first level of clones known as “the greys.” These are now one species of what we know as “the aliens.” The fallen angels created aliens so that they could have children of their own; Satan created alien children for himself, counterfeiting (as he always does!) God’s creation of humans as children for Himself. But there is a huge difference in the reason for these children’s existence: whereas God created children so He could love them and bless them with all the benefits of His Goodness and His Love, Satan created children so he could use them to do his dirty work. In the same way that you have heard of some people shielding themselves with their own children during wartime, so does Satan use his alien children to accomplish his purposes of sabotaging humanity without costing him the time and energy and risk of doing everything himself.